Our Queen of Numerology’s numbers were up and did she know?

To us mere mortals on this Planet, it appeared unexpected, but I believe she knew. As they say ‘Our days are numbered.’ Therefore, we need to make the most of each precious day and live it wisely. She taught us about numbers and how to be guided by them whether it was making the most of them by day, year or when making decisions about finances, career, and the more profound.

To celebrate the gifts and lessons she gave us especially through her wisdom of ‘Numerology’ this is for her. She made such an impact on us she became one of the leading characters as a Numerologist no less in our second book ‘Snakes in Suits’. She was in cohorts with her partner in crime, the lovely Leo, the Palmist, well known around the streets of Petone (in Wellington).

She certainly found her passion. Be grateful, live like there is no tomorrow

We’re so shocked Bernice Ross 

Devastated to hear of this huge loss

We’re here today to commemorate

But also of course to celebrate

Looking for answers at the Marae with Rongoa Maori

Of your 83 years since your birth

Making a difference on Planet Earth

Getting active and taking part

In everything so dear to your heart

Soroptimists and Dress for Success

Numerology and Theosophy no less

Delving into literature, an avid reader

In so many ways a great leader

We loved our tea parties at the Towers

Talking about the spiritual powers

Chatting away about your glory days

Your long term Government and India days

Determined to follow HER path, not some one else’s

Your favourite times you’ve ever seen

The happiest moments that have been

I hope you’ve found the answers you needed to know

You were always searching high and low

Thank you for all the gifts you shared

From two souls who really cared

Our dear friend may your inner light

Continue to shine oh so bright!

Our Queen of Numerology appears in ‘Snakes in Suits’ as the local, leading Numerologist

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